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О компании

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MBB Elevators has obtained
the RINA Certification SOA OS4
I Classification
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Our Philosophy

MBB Elevators has been working in the field of lifting systems since 1960. High qualification and professionalism of MBB operators, as well as a constant technological research and high quality finishes have strengthened the success of this company…

Our Products

Elevator cars, hydraulic elevators, panoramic elevators, lifting systems for disabled people, outdoor elevators, lifting platforms, metal structures, industrial hoists, stretcher elevators, dumbwaiters, stairlifts…

Our Production

What does mainly characterize MBB Elevators? Its lifting systems customization and adjustability.
MBB Elevators can satisfy any demand by suggesting adequate, rational and aesthetically excellent solutions.

MBB Elevators company and staff ensure the proper functioning of your lifting system.Training courses are organized by the company…
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MBB Elevators offers the highest quality residential and commercial lifting systems and the widest range of smart solutions
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If you have any problems with vertical transport and you wish to find a technologically advanced solution characterized…
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Contact us and you will realize that besides an high construction technology our company can guarantee a strong know-how…
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M.B.B. Ascensori Srl

Via Consorzio, 10/b
60015 Falconara Marittima (AN)
Marche – Italy
tel +39 071 9162110
fax +39 071 9162102
P. IVA: 00435620422

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It is a permanently installed lifting appliance serving specific levels, having a car designed for the transport of persons and moving along guide rails that are vertical or inclined at an angle of less than 15 degrees to the vertical. 
It is an elevator where the energy necessary for lifting is provided by an electric pump that sends the hydraulic fluid to a cylinder-piston group acting directly or indirectly on the elevator car (more motors, pumps and/or cylinder-piston groups can be used). 

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