Hydraulic lifting Platforms for Disabled People

Ideal to move freely both inside and outside of homes spread over several floors. With the pleasant sensation in feel relieved

The installation of platform lifts for disabled MBB can be made either on the load-bearing wall, using special mounting brackets to the wall or using the metal structure, which allows you to place it in any living environment.

Possibility of installation in particularly narrow stairwells. In fact, the models SUN and MOON are designed and manufactured by adopting the logic of “tailor-made” real, using every inch of available space.

With a maximum stroke of 14 meters, the platforms can serve up to 5 floors in total safety and in compliance with the architectural features of the environment in which it is inserted.

The consumption of the platforms are significantly reduced, compared to that of a normal household appliance.

Particular attention is paid to every detail and finishes, together with the wide range of options and colors available, so as to be fully configurable according to the specific needs of the customer.

Compliant with Directive
2006/42/CE ( Legislative Decree 17/2010 )

Sun Model with manual landing door and photoelectric sensors across the car door entrance
Moon Model with automatic folding car doors and manual landing doors or with completely automatic car and landing door

Possible configurations:
– Load (Kg): 250-380
– Speed (m/sec): 0,15
– Stops: maximum 5
– Headroom (m): minimum 2,40 (for model SOLE) / 2,60 (for model LUNA)
– Travel (m): maximum 14
– Pit (m): 0,12/0,15
– Standard universal call button
– Soft start and stop technology
– Self-leveling accuracy within 20 mm
– Single phase power supply (220/240 V)
– Consumption: from 1.5 to 2.2 Kw
– Electric locks
– Standard plastic coated metal sheet enclosure with choice of colour from our colour chart
– Custom-made items – Sized according to the minimum or maximum cabin space
– Possibility of installing a masonry or a metal shaft structure
– Enclosed in a safety glass structure, with insulated panels and painted metal sheets
– One-panel metal landing doors coated with anti-rust paint available in three variants:
with window,
with picture window